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At Condamine Plumbing & Drainage,

we are always looking for our next star plumber!

Do you enjoy being a plumber?

Are you a reliable hardworking plumber?

Wishing you had less admin work though?

Tried your own business but sick of all the red tape?

Sick of the rat race and thinking of a tree change?

Let’s talk!

Why Choose Us

Condamine Plumbing and Drainage is a locally owned small business in Warwick QLD, big sky open country only 1.5 hours away from Brisbane. Famous as the Rose and Rodeo city, it is also becoming known as home of the quirky Jumpers and Jazz Festival and as  ‘horsepower’ country. Cars, bikes, horses – it caters to the lot. If you prefer to slow down and relax, it is close to some of Southeast Queensland’s best boutique wineries and National Parks.

Warwick has city conveniences without the rat-race lifestyle. An ideal place for a great family lifestyle!


Fast Hiring Process

We like a more personal approach to the employment process. 

Send us your CV or just call us!


Competitive Remuneration

We know our business’ true strength lies with our team. We definitely know that our star plumber deserves to be well remunerated.


Great  Support/Mentoring

New to the area? New way to work? We will give you all the support you need to make yourself confident on the job and be at home in this beautiful country town of Warwick!


Digital Logging System

Our job system is automated so we supply you with an iphone, ipad and associated job software. If you are tech savvy it is a plus, but not essential if you are willing to learn. Don’t worry, it is all set up –  you will learn how in no time.



Fully Equipped Branded truck

When you join us, we designate a well equipped late model take-home-vehicle to you so that you are ready to go straight away – from home, straight to your first job.


Share Our Experience

We pride ourselves on being ethical and hard working tradies with a solid knowledge of plumbing. We are the blokes who enjoy sharing our know-how, experiences and insights as it makes the team stronger.


I appreciate the team who work for me. They have helped create the great reputation we have, and I will always value their contributions.


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